Romans 11 Discussion Questions

Q1. According to Romans 11, why has God allowed Israel to wander away from him?

Q2. What comfort can we draw from the Remnant of Israel who remain faithful to God?

Q3. Why did God allow the Gentiles to come to faith in him?

Q4. How do you feel about v25-26? Whose fault was it that the Jews did not believe?

Q5. Why do you think Paul breaks out in praise in v33-36. What connection does this have to the rest of Romans 1-11?

Q6. In what way is God mysteriously working in your life to bring about his purposes?

Q7. Are there people who are beyond God’s reach?

Q8. Romans 11 describes how the Gentiles’ faith are designed to make Israel jealous of God’s love for them. Could the people in your life see the love you have for God, and respond in the same way? Why or why not?