Romans 13 Discussion Questions

Q1: In what ways do you find it easy to submit to our governing authorities? In what ways is it difficult?

Q2: To what extent should we submit to the rule of our government?

Q3: How comfortable are you with the idea that God was ultimately the power behind the institution of Nazi Germany, the North Korean Dictatorship and other ‘evil’ governments? How do we deal with this?

Q4: In what ways does good government point us to God’s good rule over our lives?

Q5: Australians are notorious for our disrespect for authority. In what ways do you need to change your attitudes toward taxes, the police, the government etc., in response to this text?

Q6: In the Bible, God commands his people to “seek the good of the city” even when that city is a secular non-believing city. (See Jer 29 and Dan 4:17 for examples). In what ways can we as a church be a blessing to our community?

Q7: What step do you need to take today to move out of “the deeds of darkness”, in order to put on the “armour of light”?

Q8: v14 calls us to put on the Lord Jesus Christ, as opposed to gratifying the desires of the flesh. How is “putting on Christ” different from “Obeying Christ”?  Why does Paul chose this imagery?