Ruth 2 Discussion Questions

Q1: What do you learn about God from this passage in Ruth 2?

Q2: Why do you think Boaz treated Ruth the way he did?

Q3: Why was Boaz different to most of the other farmers around?

Q4: The book of Ruth opens with the phrase “In the days when the Judges were judging”. In what way does that change the way we read and interpret Ruth 2?

Q5: God is the one working behind the scenes in the book of Ruth: In what ways does chapter 2 show us God’s sovereignty?

Q6: What other examples in the Bible can you think of where God’s sovereign plan is shown to incorporate the choices of individuals (see for example Gen 50:15-21).

Q7: Do you think Boaz is acting like a “type of Christ” here? That is in what ways are Boaz similar to Jesus, and in what ways is he different?

Q8: How does Ruth 2 encourage you to trust in God?