2020-04-26 Discussion Questions: Ever Wondered Why? How do we respond in Faith, not in Fear?

Q1) In what area of your life are you most fearful? What does this reveal about where your heart is at? Q2) Why do you think it is so hard for us to trust that God has got things sorted?

Q3) In the past, have you done something, or seen someone do something, out of fear? What was the re- sult?
Q4) Jesus uses the imagery of building our lives on foundations of sand and foundations of rock. What do you think is significant about this?

Q5) Jesus describes following him as the narrow road. Why do you think he uses that imagery?

Q6) What step do you think you could take today down the “narrow road” to trust Jesus more?
Q7) In our message, we saw that there were two un- helpful ways of responding to life: Fear, and Denial-type Faith. Which do you think you are most prone to and why?

Q8) Who do you have in your life, who seems to be walking down the wide road? How can you help them take a step toward Jesus?
Q9) Jesus talks about good trees bearing good fruit. What are some of good fruit that you have borne dur- ing the coronavirus crisis?