2020-05-03 Discussion Questions: Ho􏰅w d􏰆o we liv􏰇e t􏰆hrou􏰈gh a pandemic 􏰅in hope ?

Q1) What are some of the hopes you had that have gone unfulfilled because of COVID-19?

Q2) How did not achieving these hopes make you feel?

Q3) What are your dreams for your life? What is the one thing you want to accomplish?

Q4) What does that show you about what you have put your hope in?

Q5) What does it look like for you to reorient that hope to put your trust in God?

Q6) In Psalm 42 the psalmist starts reorienting his hope by telling his soul to put its hope in God.

What do you think of the spiritual discipline of talking to your soul?

Q7) Notice that his problem in Psalm 42 doesn’t get resolved, but only finds fulfilment in Psalm 43.

Why do you think our spiritual problems often take a long time to work themselves out?

Q8) What ‘hope’ do you think God is working on in your heart right now?

Q9) What does “talking to your soul” look like in relation to this hope?