2020-05-17 Discussion Questions: Can we come through this Crisis better? What does better look like?

Q1) Do you think you think you will be better or worse off once we come out of this pandemic? In what ways might you be better or worse perhaps?

Q2) Do you find it easy or difficult to be thankful to God during this time? In what ways are you thankful?

Q3) In v3-5a. What was Paul thankful for about in the Colossian church? What strikes about both what he has included, and perhaps is not included here? And how is it similar or different to your response to Q2) above?

Q4) In v4, what does Paul mean by the “hope laid up for you in heaven”? How does this Christian hope drive your whole outlook in life?

Q5) In v5-8, Paul makes it clear that it is the saving message of the Gospel that has transformed this community of new believers into a local church. What does it mean to not only “hear” (v6) the message, but also to “understand” (v6), and “learn” (v7) the Gospel? Why is this important when we consider what true faith in Christ is all about?

Q6) Colossian Christians ‘learned’ Christ first from Epaphras. Who are you currently “learning Christ” from? Who is “learning Christ” from you? Why does this matter?

Q7) In v9-11 Paul prays that these Colossian Christians might be “filled” and thus grow further in their walk with God. Why is it im- portant to recognise our need to continue growing?

Q8) If you are discouraged in your Christian life, what encouragement does this passage give you? (Particularly look at what Christ has done for Christians in v12-14).

Q9) Is God’s kingdom present on earth now, or something only going to happen in the future? Does it matter?