2020-05-24 Discussion Questions: What is the purpose of… EVERYTHING?

Q1) Have you ever experienced feeling a lack of purpose in life? How did you feel during this time, and what affect did it have on your faith?

Q2) What do verses 15-20 show us about what the purpose of life (and everything!) is all about?

Q3) In verses 15-20 Christ is shown to be Lord over both Creation in general and the Church specifically. Why is knowing God as both our Creator and Redeemer so important when considering the value and purpose of life?

Q4) Thinking of those in your life who are not Christians, how would you go about trying to explain what the purpose of life is all about? What details would you include or not include?

Q5) In your experience, how (if at all) has the current COVID-19 situation affected the sense of purpose of either yourself, or those around you?

Q6) How does knowing Christ is Lord over everything, and will one day reconcile everything fully to himself in His Coming King- dom, impact your life day to day practically? Or, perhaps, how should it affect our daily life?

Q7) Verses 21-23 show us that, in the end, there are really only two outcomes for our life; to either stand before the King in a holy, faultless and blameless way – or, to do the opposite – to stand before him in an unworthy manner. How do you feel about the urgency and weight of this? How does this impact your own faith, and the need to see genuine faith in others?

Q8) What does remaining “grounded”, “steadfast in the faith” and “not shifting away” from the hope of the Gospel really look like?