Vision and Purpose

Our vision and purpose is simple. In Matthew 28, Jesus gives his followers a clear command - make disciples. That is what we as a church strive to do - to disciple those in the church and outside the church. Our process is simple. It can be summarised as Know, Grow, Show, Go.


God has given us his book (the Bible), so that we can get to know him. We take this seriously. We believe that the Bible is true, accurate and fully inspired by the Holy Spirit. We believe that the Bible contains in it all we need to know about who God is, and what He has done for us in Jesus Christ. We have several ways in which we strive to know God better: Through our Sunday services, through small group bible studies, through Sunday-school and through ad-hoc evening programs at our church. We are committed to knowing God.


We are committed to growing in our relationship with God as we grow in community and fellowship with one another. We have found that one of the best ways to grow in our relationship with God is through small group studies. This also helps us to grow closer together as a community and to care for one another within the small group context. Growing is all about growing closer together as we grow closer to God.


We believe that God has placed us here on Earth not simply to be saved, but to serve him. Serving him with the gifts he has given us, is one of the ways we can show the reality of Jesus living in our hearts. Showing is all about being the person God made you to be and using your gifts where he has placed you.


We know that what the world needs more than anything else is Jesus. We also know that most of the world don't know this, and that God has put us in the jobs, workplaces, school classes, sports clubs etc. we are in, to serve him there. We believe that sharing the love of Jesus isn't something just one or two people in the congregation does. We believe that it is part of who we are as followers of Jesus. Going is all about every member of the congregation reflecting the love of Jesus to those they come in contact with.