Announcing 2021 Internships!

We are extremely excited to be launching our internship program in 2021. We are excited to see more people grow in their love for Jesus, as they grow as disciples and are better equipped to serve in Gospel Ministry.

As Christians saved by the Grace of God, this program is another way we can seek to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20).

The What

The internship program offered in 2021 will be “level 1” volunteer-based internships.

These internships will be a commitment of four hours per week, and consist of a mixture of the following:

  1. Biblical and Theological training: Being grounded in a deeper understanding of Scripture through Bible studies and reading selected training materials. Both Bible reading and training materials will be tailored to the specific needs and growth areas of each intern.
  2. Meeting weekly with a mentor: 1 hour a week dedicated mentoring and coaching to help you reflect on what you are learning, to pray together, read scripture. Wonga Park will work with each intern to find an appropriate mentor.
  3. Serving in a local ministry: An important aspect of the training and equipping offered will be gained through practical experience serving in a ministry. The selected ministry area will be tailored to each intern and their spiritual maturity, unique giftings, and growth areas.
  4. Attending Training events and conferences: The aim would be to attend 2-3 events throughout the year that further equip and grow you as a Christian.

Note: All costs for training and reading materials, as well as any events attended will be covered by the local church.

Hear about Nathanael's Experience

Nathanael did an internship at Wonga Park CRC. Listen to him sharing his experience of the program and how it shaped his faith, ultimately leading him to pursuing full time pastoral ministry.

Hear about Cindy's Experience

Cindy also did an internship at Wonga Park CRC. Listen to her experience of the program and how it propelled her into further ministry opportunities.

The When

Internships run from 1st February 2021 to 31st December 2021.

There is some limited scope and flexibility to adjust these dates if pre-arranged and agreed to by both the intern and WPCRC. In addition, the interns are encouraged to discuss taking holidays/leave with their mentors as needed throughout the year.

The Why:

As a church dedicated to cultivating Christ-learners and equipping all Christians in Gospel Ministry, internships are another way we can seek to fulfill this purpose. We truly hope interns will find this experience extremely beneficial to their faith and love of the Lord Jesus Christ. In summary, our prayer and hope is to see interns grow in three areas: Head, Heart, and Hands!  

  1. Head: Growth in their beliefs and convictions about God, his Word, and humanity’s God-given purpose in life as Christ-learners.
  2. HEART: Growth in spiritual maturity and character as these growing convictions take shape and reflect an ever-increasing transformed life.
  3. HANDS: Growth in discovering and further developing personal spiritual giftings to be better equipped to serve in Gospel Ministry.
The Who

This internship will be open for both men and women aged 17+ from our immediate local church community to express their interest in the program.

The program is purposefully designed to be flexible to cater for a wider range of people. Saying that, we also wish to encourage both younger people, as well as men of any age seeking to explore the possibility of pastoral ministry in the future to express their interest in the program.

Please register your expression of interest via this online form.

Any Questions?

If you have any further questions or comments please do get in contact with the contacts below.

Pastor Chris :
Youth Pastor Timothy :