1. Peter opens this section of his letter, reminding us that we are living in the end times, so that we can be ‘sober minded for prayer’. In what way does the fact that we live in the end times provide clarity for our prayer lives?
2. Why do you think loving one another is such a big theme in Peter’s letter?
3. This command to love is primarily written for the church community. Why do you think the church is so prone to not loving one another?
4. Which community sins does this kind of love “cover over”? What heart attitudes are need-ed for us to love each other?
5. Peter then instructs us to show hospitality to one another. Why do you think Christians to-day find this difficult?
6. In what ways can you be more hospitable to your fellow church members?
7. How is hospitality related to evangelism?
8. What is one way in which you can commit to being more hospitable today?
9. Why does God give us gifts?
10. What gift are you best at glorifying Christ with? What gift are you worst at glorifying Christ with?