Children at the Lord's Supper

We believe that children are part of the covenant community and therefore should be active participants in sharing in the
Lord's Supper. 

If you would like to read our guidlines, you can download of our guidelines and inital Synod report about introducing children at the Lord's Supper.

Wonga Park Guidlines
SYNOD Report

Bible Study Resource
The Swedish Method

One of the easiest bible study methods is the Swedish Method. We have created our own reproducible page for people to download and use as they see fit.

How to use:

When you study any piece of scripture, simply fill in the blanks. The Swedish Method has four key steps for us to think through:

  1. The cross asks "How does this passage point us to Jesus?"
  2. The lightbulb prompts us to think about what jumps out at us, what "shines forth" from the passage?
  3. The question mark helps us to jot down things we don't understand, or questions we need to investigate.
  4. The arrow gets us to write down how the passage applies to our lives.

As you fill in this page for every passage you study, you will be amazed at how much scripture comes alive and how much you learn. Give it a go!


Wonga Park's Childsafe Policy

We believe that children are an imporant part our church. So in accordance to the guidlines we're given below is our child safe policy which enables to keep our children safe but also to teahc them about Jesus

Wonga Park Childsafe Policy