1. Why do you think Peter waits until the very end of his letter to talk to the elders?
2. Why does Peter talk to the elders as a fellow elder, rather than in his authority as an Apos-tle?
3. What do you think “Shepherding God’s flock” involves?
4. How might this be different in today’s culture, as compared to previous times in history?
5. When do elders serve out “compulsion”? How might we avoid that?
6. What is it about eldership that causes our hearts to want to “Lord it over those entrusted to us”?
7. Peter gives instructions to the younger to be subject to the elders. Are they younger in age or spiritual maturity?
8. Why is humility so important to the church, and why does Peter include the need to be humble here in the context of submission to eldership?