1) How does God give Israel a land of their own?

2) How does God bless all the nations through Abram (and his offspring)?

3) To what extent does God’s faithfulness to his promises to Abram help us trust in God’s promises to us?

4) How does the fact that God chose Abram encourage you?

5) In what way is God our very great reward?

6) What do the words “God credited to him as righteousness” mean?

7) In Genesis 15 Abram honestly expressed his doubts to God’s promises. Was this right or wrong? Why?

8) Why do you think the author included the birds of prey coming down to eat the carcasses of the 
animals, but that Abram chased them away? 

9) God specifically foretells Israel’s enslavement in Egypt. Why do you think this was important for 
Abram and his descendants to know? 

10) How does this story encourage you to trust God during hardship and doubt?