Q1) Do you believe that the way Eve was tempted was unique to Eve? Or is this the way we are all tempted?

Q2) “Eve saw that the fruit was good...” How is our desire linked to our disobedience and sin?

Q3) The Fall had massive and far reaching effects. Describe a time where something you thought was good, turned out evil because of sin?

Q4) Why do you think God wanted to bar Adam and Eve from eating from the Tree of Life? Was this grace or punishment?

Q5) Look back and read Genesis 1:28. How does the command to be fruitful and multiply become frustrated by the curse of pain in childbearing? (3:16) How does the command to subdue the earth become frustrated by the ground being cursed? (3:17-19)

Q6) Genesis 3:15 is known as the “proto-evangelium” – the first Gospel promise. What do you see in this pro-nouncement from God?

Q7) What truth in this chapter is most important for you?

Q8) What does Genesis 3 tell you about human nature?

Q9) What does Genesis 3 tell you about God’s nature?