Q1) The passage states that Noah found favour in God’s eyes. Was this because Noah was a good man? Why or
why not?

Q2) How is God’s commissioning of Noah similar to that of Adam’s? How is it different?

Q3) In what ways does the flood undo God’s creation in Genesis 1.

Q4) How is this Earth different after the flood?

Q5) God destroys almost everything on Earth. Does this mean God is evil? What right does he have to destroy
the world?

Q6) In Genesis 9:8-17 God emphatically announces that he will never again destroy the Earth with a flood? Why
do you think this is?

Q7) In the text God explicitly states that human beings are bent toward evil, and yet he still makes this promise.
What does this mean for us today? Does this me we can never “be good”?

Q8) How does this passage point us to Jesus?

Q9) How does this passage help you love Jesus more?