1. Read Isaiah 5:1-7.  In what ways is Jesus the “true vine” that ancient Israel was intended to be?

  2. What does Jesus mean when he says “you can do nothing without me” (verse 5)?

  3. When does it glorify God to do good things?  And when does it not?  What are some good things you do which glorify God?

  4. Taking Jesus’ picture of us as branches, how do we remain in the vine?  And why is it important?

  5. Jesus puts together “remaining in him (the vine)” and “obeying my commands”.  How do you see these fitting together?

  6. What’s the difference between a servant and a friend, as outlined in verses 14-16a?

  7. How does friendship with Jesus work?  What is it like, and what is it not like?

  8. To what purpose does Jesus call us friends?

  9. With the spiritual gifts and talents that Jesus has given you, how are you -or how can you – “produce fruit” that glorifies God?