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1. How does the gospel message of redemption and reconciliation with God through Christ shape our understanding of environmental stewardship and the way we interact with the earth and its resources?

2. How do you respond to the fear-based narratives surrounding climate change, and how can faith in God's sovereignty influence our outlook on environmental challenges?

3. How can we strike a balance between fulfilling our mandate to develop the earth and being mindful of responsible stewardship for future generations?

4. Can you think of examples from the Bible where humanity's  misuse of the earth's resources led to negative consequences? What lessons can we learn from these stories?

5. What does it mean to trust that God is in control of climate change while also acknowledging the scientific evidence  about environmental issues?

6. In what ways can we draw from biblical principles to inform  our approach to environmental care and sustainability?

7. How does the biblical concept of being caretakers of the earth impact our decision-making regarding its resources?

8. As believers, how can we demonstrate God's care for the earth through our actions and attitudes towards the environment?

9. In light of the promise of renewal and recreation, how does  this affect our sense of hope and responsibility for the earth's well-being?