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1. In Genesis 14:18-20, what motivated Abraham to give a tenth of his plunder to Melchizedek? What can we learn from his example?

2. In Luke 21:1-4, why did Jesus commend the widow's offering above all the others, even though it was the smallest amount given? How does this challenge our views of generosity and sacrifice?

3. How can we encourage each other as a congregation in the practice of biblical tithing and generosity? Are there specific steps we can take as a community?

4. How did the practice of tithing support the Levites and the temple in the Old Testament? What role does tithing play in supporting the church and its ministries today?

5. How does understanding the biblical foundation of tithing and giving impact your personal approach to stewardship?

6. How can we cultivate a spirit of generosity, not just in our finances,but in our time and talents as well?

7. How does giving out of our poverty, like the widow in Luke 21, differ from giving out of our wealth? What might this look like in a modern context?

8. Discuss the principle of "firstfruits" in the Old Testament. How does this apply to our giving today?

9. How can the act of giving deepen our relationship with God and our faith in His provision?

10. In what ways does generous and sacrificial giving contribute to the mission and vision of our church?