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  1.  For some, discussing the spiritual war between God and the devil, as well as the existence of angels and demons, is a
    thrilling topic to discuss. For others it can be a daunting and confronting topic to explore. How do you personally come to these topics of conversation? Why so?

  2. How does Israel’s failures in the wilderness (e.g. see Numbers, Deuteronomy 6- 8) help us understand the significance of the temptations Jesus faced in Matthew 4:1-11?

  3. What is unique and distinct about each of the three temptations of the devil (v3-4, v5-7, v8-10)? How would you summarize them? (Reformed theologian and pastor Joel Beeke optsfor 1) Independence, 2) Indulgence, and 3) Idolatry. See also 1 John 2:18).

  4. What do these temptations reveal about the nature of the devil, his strategies, and his devices to tempt humanity to sin?

  5. How have you seen these temptations play out in your own life and in our culture?

  6. How would have giving into any of these temptations detract from Jesus’ mission to obey his heavenly Father and
    eventually head to the cross?

  7. How does the knowledge that Jesus here, and throughout his whole life (including the cross), lived the perfect life of obedience give the Christian comfort, hope and assurance in the face of temptation?

  8. Not only does Jesus, though the gospel, gift us with himself, but he also gifts the Church with the truths of scripture. How are you continuing to grow in and rely on the truths of scripture to fight the good fight of faith?