Kids Hope Australia is an outreach ministry that creates a unique relationship between one church and one school, one mentor and one child, for one hour a week. Essentially it is a partnership between a primary school and the church where trained members of the congregation are allocated a child to mentor. These children are deemed “at risk” kids for a variety of reasons.

There may be learning, social or family related challenges and the purpose of the mentoring sessions is to build consistent relationships between the mentor and child. Mentors get to spend one hour a week, during school hours with the kids at school.

The main purpose is not to necessarily assist with school work (although some time may be spent on it), but rather to build a strong relationship with these kids through a variety of activities and games - very often dictated by the child’s interests. Regardless of it being shooting hoops, crafts or baking, the child is the sole focus for that hour.

These caring relationships have a significant impact on children as they help meet their emotional and social development needs while increasing their capacity to learn. Mentored children consistently show increased self esteem, confidence and resilience. Mentors often stay in touch with their mentees long after they finished school.

If you would like further information feel free to visit the Kids Hope Website